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Covid 19 Updates

The Langston is a small, independent, family run nursing home in the heart of your community. We have worked hard during the pandemic to develop a COVID safe environment, and look forward to welcoming new people to the home. 

Some of our safety policies and measures include:

  • The team and visitors wear appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and we have a good supply of six weeks in stock

  • 30 minute COVID-19 testing for visitors for Close Contact Visits 

  • The team are trained in Infection Control and Covid-19, as well as completing a monthly training schedule. We also attend regular webinars about testing, vaccines and updated guidance

  • Social distancing has become a necessary measure followed by the residents and the team. We have areas in the home where residents can meet safely and enjoy activities whilst social distancing

  • The Langston takes pride in the cleanliness of the home and we have increased our cleaning procedures to reduce the risk of COVID-19 

  • Visitors are always welcome, however due to COVID-19 visits are by appointment only

  • We are happy to welcome new residents to the home and have created a safe and robust admission process 

Stimulation and wellbeing 

  • Daily activities continue with social distancing 

  • Weekly exercise classes on Zoom 

  • Regular video calls arranged between residents and their families

  • Inviting family members to visit, have a 30 minute COVID test prior to their visit and meet with their loved ones in a safe and relaxing environment 

New admissions 

The Langston is welcoming new residents whether for residential care or respite care. Potential residents and families can arrange for the following:

  • Indoor house tour (LFD test to be completed 30 minutes prior to appointment)

  • Outside tour of the home

  • Video call tours of the home 

  • A meeting with a member of the management team in our garden

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